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Project 150 & CenturyLink

October 2017

I finished my day with CenturyLink volunteering at Project 150. I was planning on staying for 30 minutes to check in and get an early start on my Friday. I wound up staying for almost two hours. As I was touring their facility I saw one of the CenturyLink personell, Chris, speaking to a young man. I caught the tail end of the conversation. Chris was sharing with this young man the importance of appearance and the message it sends to other people. 

Project 150 has a boutique where kids can come to pick out clothes as long as they have a high school ID. As I was standing at the front desk next to the door getting ready to leave a young man by the name of Jeremiah walked in. He had on athletic shorts and a torn t-shirt. He said his counselor recommended he come by. I asked him if he needed some help shopping, he said yes. We spent the next hour  and a half shopping. 

As a father of  two daughters, I know how important little experiences help shape us as people. Although I had never met Jeremiah beforehand he seemed like a kid who wanted to better himself. Learning he had never owned a pair of slacks, dress shirt, or dress shoes was moving. My time with Jeremiah convicted me and inspired me to do more. I came back the next week and dropped off some work clothes and shoes. The experience also made me appreciate my father and the countless hours of sacrifice to make sure I had the best opportunity in life possible. This experience would not have been possible without the Day of Caring!

I look forward to volunteering in the future.