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Project 150 & CenturyLink

October 2017

I finished my day with CenturyLink volunteering at Project 150. I was planning on staying for 30 minutes to check in and get an early start on my Friday. I wound up staying for almost two hours. As I was touring their facility I saw one of the CenturyLink personell, Chris, speaking to a young man. I caught the tail end of the conversation. Chris was sharing with this young man the importance of appearance and the message it sends to other people. 

Project 150 has a boutique where kids can come to pick out clothes as long as they have a high school ID. As I was standing at the front desk next to the door getting ready to leave a young man by the name of Jeremiah walked in. He had on athletic shorts and a torn t-shirt. He said his counselor recommended he come by. I asked him if he needed some help shopping, he said yes. We spent the next hour  and a half shopping. 

As a father of  two daughters, I know how important little experiences help shape us as people. Although I had never met Jeremiah beforehand he seemed like a kid who wanted to better himself. Learning he had never owned a pair of slacks, dress shirt, or dress shoes was moving. My time with Jeremiah convicted me and inspired me to do more. I came back the next week and dropped off some work clothes and shoes. The experience also made me appreciate my father and the countless hours of sacrifice to make sure I had the best opportunity in life possible. This experience would not have been possible without the Day of Caring!

I look forward to volunteering in the future.

Caesars Entertainment HEROES team up at Long ES

October 2017

As part of their community HEROES program, over 70 Caesars Entertainment employees volunteered at Long Elementary School for United Way's 2nd Annual Day of Caring.  Murals from the students' favorite books were painted or freshened up in true team spirit and the school's garden was tended to, clearing the way for new fall plantings.  For me, the highlights were all the high-fives the students eagerly gave to volunteers at they walked the hallways in excitement. Long ES, its teachers and staff do an amazing job serving their neighborhood students and families.  This neighborhood has 29% of its population living in poverty, so attending a school with vibrant wall art and an outdoor garden is certainly an oasis. Thank you Long ES and Caesars Entertainment HEROES for your inspiring service!

Caring for Rundle Cardinals

October 2017

This Day of Caring I had the pleasure of working with corporate partners from AT&T and Boyd Gaming to enhance Rundle Elementary's campus. Students were thrilled to see people from the community coming in to paint murals and plant gardens at their school. Some students even helped paint murals alongside volunteers. Watching students welcome volunteers and offer their assistance was a true reflection of how these learners are tomorrows leaders.

It’s more than an art project…

October 2017

We were tasked with creating murals at Manch Elementary School. I was a little skeptical because I am not artistic at all. After my first few minutes there, I realized that my lack of artistic abilities did not matter. It was about being around the students and giving them a sense that we as community members care. I had a great time working alongside Uber, Anthem, and The Westin. As it turns out, we created great murals with the helpful stencils they provided!

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